Bonsai Recovery

Online data backup and recovery made simple

Bonsai Recovery brings you online data backup and recovery which can save you lots of money and ensure that your business almost never loses IT functionality. We will also come out and set up the whole system for you, if thats not enough, we will also regularly monitor and make sure that the backup is constantly doing its job, ensuring that you prevent data loss.

Online Backup

Our very easy to use Bonsai Cloud software, will automatically run in the background to backup all your precious data over to our secure UK based servers. You can simply restore files at anytime using our great easy to use restore software. It also works on both PC and Mac. You can set this service to scan your computer at real time or space it out over various time periods. Very simple to use solution for your backup and restore needs.


Bonsai Recovery takes snapshot images of your computer or server. We ensure these backups are stored locally, and remotely on our secure UK based servers. The reason for both, is because the remote copy has a limitation beyond our control, as it depends on the speed of your internet provider. However we breakdown the backups into manageable bite-size chunks, and only tell your computer to access our Bonsai Servers outside your working hours, in order to not implicate the running of your business in any way. Giving you all the benefits of data backup and disaster recovery without any of the hassle!

Highest Level of Support

We provide a continuous level of support, where we ensure that ever backup executes correctly. If we find any problems, we will fix them immediately, through our super powerful remote access software. If the problem seems to be more difficult we will send out an engineer to have a look at the issue, at the most convenient time for you. All this is included in your regular monthly/yearly fee. We will only charge you if we feel that the problem lies outside our installed system, where we will need to call in a specialist to dive deeper.

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