Bonsai Business

Online file sharing and storage made simple

Bonsai Business has powerful tools to make your office even more efficient. Get online backup, cloud storage, collaboration and online file sharing features all within one easy to use package. Useful for one man businesses up to larger enterprises.

Online Backup

Our very easy to use Bonsai Cloud software, will automatically run in the background to provide you the best online backup for all your precious data on our secure UK based servers. A complete peace of mind solution for you, where your own administrator can see all the backed up files, on all the computers and can simply restore files at anytime using our great easy to use restore software. It is not just a great PC file backup, it also works seamlessly with Macs.


Bonsai Business brings you a simple solution to get the whole office working on the same documents, rather than having to use USB sticks and emailing things back and forth. It just makes sense to have a central system which everyone can access and edit files, so that someone else in the office can collaborate on the same document. By simply implementing this aspect into your office, just imagine how much your productivity will increase! You can even create team folders, so that only certain people will have access to certain files.

Web Sharing

But what if you need to share files outside the office and with people who are not part of your company. Bonsai Business has got you covered there as well… with your account you also get your own web portal, this can be custom branded with your own logo and content. You can use this to open the doors to our great easy to use online file sharing features. You can share privately (we will send the recipient a secure link), or publicly with everyone. By moving away from emailing large attachments and using sluggish FTP clients, you can streamline your business and make it look even more professional. Online file sharing and storage that actually works how you want it to.


We know that lots of offices are going mobile, which is why Bonsai Business gives you the chance to install our free mobile applications, “Open Access”, which allows you to access all your files on all your Apple and Android devices. You also have the option to install the desktop softwares on multiple machines, so all your files can be synced between you desktop computer, your laptop, your office, and your home. You can finally give your email server a rest by using the best online backup services available.

Accessing the Cloud

If our great desktop and mobile applications weren’t enough, we also give you full FTP, SFTP and WebDAV access to everything on your Bonsai Cloud account. We provide everything needed to setup your own FTP server in a fraction of the time a traditional server will take, plus we give you dozens of extra features.

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