Bonsai Backup

Online secure data backup made simple

Bonsai Backup

We trust our computers with so much these days. We then expect our super clever computers, to keep all our valuable data safe and secure. However sometimes this is too much to ask from our computers, and just like us they have their bad days too. When that day comes, it would be great to have a fallback, so that it doesn’t make your day bad too. That’s where Bonsai Backup steps in with our online secure data backup.

Keep your data safe and secure

Bonsai Backup runs covertly in the background, working tirelessly to keep all your files completely protected. There is no need for technical knowledge, you only need to know how to use your mouse to click on a checkbox! Bonsai will then use our online backup solution to look after all of your data, no matter how much you have! You can also restore your data at any time with one click.

See your files everywhere

Once your files are securely saved on our UK based servers, our great data backup solution will let you view all those files anywhere on any web browser, or from your mobile phone or tablet. You can even stream your whole library of songs and movies wherever you are without having your computer or hard drive with you.

There’s no need to worry about your data any more

Bonsai Backup is completely safe and secure, using the same technology that the big companies all use as well giving you the best online secure data backup. Our multiple file backup ensures that you constantly have access to your files at any time. We also encrypt them with military-grade encryption, which means that no-one will gain access to your files apart from you.

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