About Bonsai

Making the Cloud Simple

UK-based data backup and recovery solutions

Not everyone is tech savvy. Most of us have that go to, computer whizz kid, we all go to with our IT problems. Now days computers are changing faster than we could ever remember. We are storing even more things on our computers than we have ever done before! It’s just continually becoming more of a hassle to keep calling that whizz kid. What if things were just easier? What if using your computer was as easy as turning the kettle on?

This is the reason why Bonsai was formed. We realised that everyone uses their computers in different ways and now days everyone uses their phones and tablets just as much as their computers, if not more! We know everyone would love an easy way of having all their files, music, movies and pictures on all their devices. Everyone would love a secure, safe way to put a picture on your computer, but then have access to it on your phone and on your tablet. We all have those special people in our lives that we want to share those precious moments with, but don’t want to let the whole world see it on Facebook.

This is what Bonsai Cloud Solutions is all about. We bring a great service that does all the complicated work for you. So that you just have to do a couple of clicks or drag and drop a file. Then our software does everything for you. However we didn’t want to leave it at that, our amazing support team is also here for you any time, to help you understand how you can use our service to help streamline your digital life even more.

Even Richard Branson and his team over at Virgin start ups also believe in what we are doing, and we are now being backed by them!